​ ARS LLC. reserves the right to cancel the event due to weather (including, but not limited to, heat, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, storms, lightning, sink holes, and floods), accidents, acts of war or terrorism, military conflicts, riots, or for any reason that will affect the safety and security of event participants and attendees. In the event of such cancellation, there will be no refund of your registration purchase.

​Pricing :

Each run starts with an early bird price of $59

             1 month from the event the price increases to $69

             Day of race  registration is $79 ( No race shirt )

Black Swamp 3-Sum : All 3 of our runs for $130 prior to January 1st 2018 

After January 1st  Price increases to $140 


9 years old and up (kids under 11 must be accompanied buy an adult)

What to you get:

All runners receive an awesome finisher medal

a custom race shirt (if registered prior to 10 days of race)

An ice cold beer (if over 21 I.D. required)

A great time and memories to last a lifetime! 


Troy and Sandy Anthony

My wife and I are active and like to stay fit. We try to walk, run, or work out in some manner as much as we can.  My wife talked me into running mud/obstacle courses. It was so much more exciting than running or hiking, it was an adrenaline rush and I was hooked after the first run.  It just seemed to us that a lot of venues focused more on making money than providing the best experience for the participants. Soon we became very discouraged. We had to travel too far and pay too much, not to mention we knew in our hearts that we could build a more exciting course with all the features of a big franchise and, all the passion of family owned business. We partnered up with local organizations  to help them raise needed funds and for us to put on a top notch venue. We have and always will pour our hearts and souls into creating and operating the best Mud/Obstacle course around. We strive to think outside the box to keep the sport alive and exciting.  We also continue to keep our pricing reasonable so everyone can continue enjoying the world of O.C.R.(obstacle course racing)


Added cost:

Parking is $10 parking is handled by the Ottawa County Fair Grounds to raise money 

Bag Check is $5 bag check is handled by the Ottawa County Horse Foundation

​Food is also handled by the Ottawa County Horse Foundation 

Adrenaline Rush Sports LLC. (Black Swamp Runner) Was thought up and built as a family adventure. Our passion for this sport can be seen in every little detail.  We built this 3.2 mile course  consisting of open fields, woods, and black swamp mud/water. There are 26 or more obstacle on the course at a time not counting all the natural terrain. The obstacles are heavy duty construction and built to handle extreme high traffic.  Black Swamp Runner host 3 very unique runs  each year. We also do our absolute best to keep the price affordable that way the entire family can come and play!